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Let Us Unite!

People, get the world back.

For you and for your children's future

How would you like to live in the future? Can today's politicians and the current economic system solve mankind's future problems?


I would like to present to you my vision for peace, global harmony, the global economy, food and happiness on earth. What I am presenting to you is a complete change to the global political and economic structure.


I am no politician, neither am I a conservationist or a communist. I am a mechanical engineer and head of a medium-sized company with international offices.


I am independent and I am financing this campaign through my own private means.


The basis of our existence, nature, will be destroyed over the coming decades through the economics of unrestrained growth and an unbridled craving for power and money. The era of the current economic system, where capitalism is based on monopolies and banking with the objective of maximum profits, is coming to an end.



  • is to send out and to discuss an idea how the world can come to peace 

  • is to draft a global constitution (basic law) and and a new law  what is easy to understand and to follow. 

  • is a fair global distribution of of the 3  basic ressources of our live:  like water, energy and land 

  • is to establish a system for  unconditional protection of nature and environment 

  • is to  remove the  sprawling, self destructive capitalist economic system 

  • is free global education system for everybody 

  • is a free global  health care system 

People of the world, I call upon you to unite and ensure that immediate and effective steps are taken to prevent the destruction of nature and climate change.


  • is a world without military weapons 

  • is a united world without national states and borders 

  • is a worldwide  ecological private economy of medium - sized enterprises. 

  • is the development and the support of  local farms for  organic agriculture   

We Need Your Support Today!

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